It can be annoying when wet weather cuts short your outdoor pursuits and activities, but it’s not always easy to stay dry. Having the right gear is essential for staying comfortable, and rain pants are an important part of your outdoor gear. Rain pants are designed to keep your legs from getting wet, and can provide an extra layer of warmth when the temperatures drop. So which are the best rain pants for 2023? Here we look at the five best rain pants on the market to help you pick the right ones for your needs.

Best Rain Pants for 2023

Patagonia Torrentshell Pant – Best Overall

Patagonia’s Torrentshell Pants are perfect for treks and hikes, offering waterproof protection while remaining lightweight. As well as being easy to pack away, they’re also durable and come with great features like an elastic waistband, ankle zips and adjustable drawcords. Plus they use Patagonia’s H2No Performance Standard, which ensures excellent waterproofing.

Arc’teryx Beta SL Pant – Best for Extremes

The Arc’teryx Beta SL Pants are best for extreme conditions, sporting an unbeatable Gore-Tex Pro membrane to keep you dry. They’re incredibly lightweight and feature a durable face fabric, perfect for visiting areas with rough terrain and steep inclines. Plus they come with drawcords at the waist and laminated ankle cuffs to keep any unwanted moisture out.

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North Face Dryzzle Pant – Best Value

The North Face Dryzzle Pants are a great option for anyone on a budget as they offer great value for money. They’re waterproof thanks to their DryVent fabric, come with an adjustable waistband, and feature a raised back for extra coverage. Plus they come with reinforced StretchVent™ gaiters in the ankle, reducing the risk of any water entering the pants.

Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pant – Best for High Intensity Activities

The Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants are ideal for high intensity activities such as mountaineering, skiing, and climbing as they’re super lightweight yet tough enough to protect you against prickly bushes and abrasive surfaces. They also provide excellent breathability, with a waterproof/breathable fabric that keeps you dry while not getting too hot.

REI Co-Op Saeko Pant – Best for Winter Sports

The REI Co-Op Saeko Pants are designed with winter sports in mind, providing waterproof protection while remaining incredibly lightweight. The fabric is perfect for those who are constantly running around, and they come with internal taping that provides extra warmth. They also feature a drawcord waist and elastic cuffs that keep wind and rain from getting in.

People Also Ask

What are rain pants for?

Rain pants (or overtrousers) are designed to keep the legs dry in wet weather and are worn over regular clothing for extra warmth.

Who makes the best rain pants?

Many different outdoor brands make excellent rain pants, but some of the top brands include Patagonia, Arc’teryx, North Face, and Outdoor Research.

Are rain pants waterproof?

Yes, most rain pants are designed to be waterproof and will keep your legs dry in wet weather.

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What is the difference between rain pants and waterproof pants?

Rain pants are designed to keep the legs dry in wet weather and are worn over regular clothing for extra warmth, while waterproof pants are designed to protect from water and keep the person warm in cold weather.

How do I choose rain pants?

When choosing rain pants, it’s important to consider your needs, such as the level of waterproofing required and the activities you will be doing. It’s also beneficial to think about features such as adjustable waistband, ankle zips and drawcords at the waist.

Final Words

Rain pants are necessary to keep your legs dry in wet weather and to provide extra warmth and protection when the temperatures drop. With the right pair of rain pants, you can stay comfortable, no matter the conditions. The five best rain pants for 2023 are Patagonia’s Torrentshell Pant, Arc’teryx Beta SL Pant, North Face Dryzzle Pant, Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pant and REI Co-Op Saeko Pant.

When choosing rain pants, remember to consider your needs and research the features of each of the five best options for 2023. With the right pair of rain pants, you’ll be well-equipped and ready for wet weather.