Writing an article about how to save phone battery life in the backcountry can be an extremely useful tool for anyone who loves to hike and explore the outdoors. Unfortunately, mobile devices can be a huge drain on battery life, and leaving it to chance out in the backcountry can spell disaster. To ensure you don’t lose contact with the world, here are tips and tricks on how to conserve your battery life while you’re out adventuring.


Charge your battery overnight before hitting the trail

To make sure your battery life is at its peak, be sure to charge your device overnight the night before you go camping, allowing you to hit the trail with a full battery for the longest possible life. Doing this will make all the other tips more effective.

Update iOS & Apps

Frequent software updates from Apple can help make your phone compatible with any changes going on in the background, and often includes battery saving features. To get the most out of your device, check for regular updates and keep your apps current.

Clean out your phone

Having a lot of apps and images can take up a bulk of your phone’s resources. For example, if you have a lot of photos stored on your device, clean up those albums, or back them up and delete them altogether. This can help free up space on your phone, in turn helping the battery last longer.

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On the Trail

Turn on Low Power Mode

Most Apple and Android phones have a convenient “low power mode” available to disable unnecessary services, such as GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and more. Low Power Mode disables background activities that always use battery life, giving you a boost on the trail.

Remove Battery Drainers

If you want to get even more battery life out of your phone, look for features like auto-lock that don’t need to be on to conserve energy. Additional battery drainers include notifications and Automatic App Updates, all of which can take a toll on your battery life.

Turn Off Cellular Data/Roaming Data

Unless you’re depending on an internet connection, simply turning off“Cellular Data” or “Data Roaming” on your phone will stop the device from periodically searching for a connection, while extending your battery life your battery significantly.

People also ask:

Q: What can I do to make my battery last longer?

A: Charge your device overnight before use and enable Low Power Mode. Remove battery drainers by disabling notifications, auto-lock and Automatic App Updates. Lastly, turn off Cellular Data or Data Roaming to conserve resources.

Q: Should I keep my phone on airplane mode?

A: While Airplane Mode extends the life of the battery, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will also be disabled, leaving you without any form of connection. Low Power Mode is a great alternative, as it allows cell reception and GPS use, but disables extra features or processes that could use up extra battery power.

Q: Why does my phone drain so quickly in the backcountry?

A: Phones are designed to actively manage their resources while they’re charging, and often times the components that consume the most battery, such as GPS and mobile data, are used more often out in the backcountry. manually disabling those components can help lower the strain on your phone’s battery.

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Final Words

Due to advances in technology and battery capabilities, gone are the days of worrying about your phone’s power while you’re out in the wilderness. By following a few simple steps and preparing a bit before hitting the trails, you can ensure your battery holds up the entire trip. Good luck and safe travels!