Exercising with a jogging stroller is an easy way to get in a great workout while bonding with your little one. The extra bit of weight adds an effective element to the exercise, allowing the runner to get a more effective workout. However, running with a stroller can be dangerous when done without taking into safety precautions. This guide will provide information for what to look for when selecting a stroller for running, basic safety tips on how to operate the stroller, and guidelines on how to get in shape before attempting to run with a jogging stroller.

What to Look for Selecting a Jogging Stroller


When selecting a jogging stroller, you want to make sure the wheels are suitable for jogging. Choose a stroller with large, sturdy plastic tires that are simple to inflate. The wheels should also have good suspension, ensuring the stroller handles uneven surfaces and bumps with ease.


The brakes on the jogging stroller should be easy to apply and have adjustable tension settings. Make sure to double-check your stroller has effective brakes as you don’t want your child to unexpectedly take off down the street.

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Handlebar and Seat

The handlebar should have comfortable and adjustable settings that can fit for your height, making it comfortable and secure for running. The seating should provide your child a secure and comfortable fit, with adjustable settings for when they grow.

Safety Features

A jogging stroller should have a five-point harness buckle and reclining seat. Furthermore, look for a canopy that offers shade and protection from the elements and an adjustable footrest.

Basic Safety Tips to Run with a Jogging Stroller

Safety Straps, Buckles and Harnesses

Make sure to double-check that all safety straps, buckles and harnesses are securely closed, ensuring your child can’t get out of the stroller and possibly injure themselves.

Check the Tires and Frame

Check the tires and frame after each run or jogging session to make sure nothing is loose. The seat should be firmly attached to the frame, joints should not move and there should be no cracks in the frame.

Be Mindful of Other People Using the Road

When running with a stroller, be mindful of cyclists, other joggers, and pedestrians on the same path. Give joggers and cyclists plenty of room and be mindful of pedestrians when they are crossing the road or path.

Avoid Night Running

It is best to avoid running with a jogging stroller at night, as it can be difficult to see in the dark due to the presence of many blind spots. For safety, aim to run in the daytime and in populated areas.

Wear Sunscreen

When running with a stroller, make sure you wear a sunscreen to protect yourself and your child from sunburns – due to the presence of many windows, the sun can reach your child.

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Getting in Shape to Run With a Jogging Stroller

Strength Training

Begin a strength training regimen with low impact exercises such as squats, lunges, and step-ups. These exercises help condition the legs and core muscles that are used while running.


It is important to keep your body flexible by performing a variety of stretches on a regular basis. This helps prevent injuries while running, as well as aids in the recovery process after a hard workout.

Warming Up and Cooling Down

Always start off a workout with a warm-up that includes light jogging, dynamic stretching, and other mobility exercises. After each run, make sure to spend time on cooling down, which consists of light jogging, static stretching and foam rolling.

People Also Ask

What jogging stroller should I buy?

When selecting a jogging stroller for running, you want to make sure it has large and inflatable tires, adjustable handles and brakes, and safety features such as seat belt buckles and a canopy.

Is it safe to jog with a stroller?

Yes, it is safe to jog with a stroller when all safety measures are taken such as making sure the stroller is properly functioning, wearing sunscreen, and alerting pedestrians and other road users.

Can I jog with my newborn?

It is not recommended to jog with a newborn in a stroller. You should wait until your baby is at least 3 months old before you begin running with a jogging stroller.

How fast can you jog with a stroller?

The speed in which you can run with a stroller depends on the terrain, the type of stroller and your own abilities. However, a safe speed for running with a stroller is between 5-7 mph.

Can I take turns running with the jogging stroller?

Yes, it is possible to take turns running with a jogging stroller. However, you should make sure that your partner is familiar with the stroller and is aware of the safety guidelines.

Final Words

Running with a jogging stroller can be a productive and enjoyable way to spend time with your child. By following the safety tips outlined in this article and having the right jogging stroller, you can ensure your runs are safe and efficient. Always remember to take your time and build up your stamina and strength before you attempt to run with a stroller.