Choosing the right rain gear for your kids can be a tricky endeavor. Between the wide range of styles, sizes, and functions available, it can be difficult to know what to get that will fit all your needs. Whether your little ones just need a light layer or something to help keep the downpour at bay, here are four tips for making sure your kids stay dry and comfy in their rain gear.

1. Consider Climate and Environment

Do you live in a warm, wet climate or a cold, rainy one? In the summer, you may only need a lightweight jacket, while in the winter you may require something thicker and more waterproof. Additionally, if your kids spend a lot of time playing in the snow, you’ll need something that is both waterproof and breathable to keep them warm and dry.

Raincoat or Rain Jacket

When looking for gear to keep kids dry, you’ll want to consider a raincoat or rain jacket. Raincoats are heavier and more waterproof, while rain jackets are lighter and more breathable. The heavier raincoats work best in colder, wetter climates and given they are heavier are more appropriate for kids who are older and more active. Rain jackets are great for warmer climates, since they are both lightweight and cover a wide range of weather.

Rain Pants and Rain Boots

In addition to a coat or jacket, you may want to consider rain pants and rain boots. Rain pants will help keep your kids extra dry on those longer, wet days, while rain boots provide the extra protection needed for puddles and wet surfaces. Waterproof materials for both the rain pants and boots are important for keeping your kids dry in bad weather.

2. Choose High-Quality

When it comes to rain gear, it’s important to choose items that are well-made and constructed of high-quality materials. Look for gear that is specifically designed to be waterproof and breatheable, and make sure any seams are fully sealed. Also, it’s best to get rain gear that is machine-washable, so it can be cleaned easily.

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Waterproof Materials

Quality should be your biggest factor when buying rain gear for kids. Look for gear with seals around the seams, as well as waterproof materials such as nylon, GORE-TEX, and other waterproof fabrics. These materials will help to keep your kids dry and comfortable in any weather.


When shopping for rain gear, make sure to look for items that are designed for durability. Check for quality stitches and reinforced areas on the jackets and pants, and look for durable materials such as rubber in rain boots. Pay attention to the care instructions on the tags, as some items may require special care to keep the waterproofing intact.

3. Opt for Comfort

In addition to being well-made and waterproof, rain gear should also be comfortable for your kids to wear. Look for items that are made out of cushioning and breathable materials, and try to find items with adjustable features like drawstrings or adjustable waistbands. These features will help ensure that your kids are as comfortable as possible.

Cushioning and Breathability

When shopping for rain gear, consider items that are made from cushioning and breathable materials such as nylon and GORE-TEX. These materials will keep your kids dry and comfortable even in the worst of weather. Also, pay attention to any wicking fabric that may be used in the design, as this will help to pull moisture away from the body and keep your kids dry.

Adjustable Features

Adjustable features like drawstrings, snaps, and adjustable waistbands will also help to keep your kids comfortable in their rain gear. Drawstrings help to keep the hood tightly fitted, while adjustable waistbands help to create a comfortable fit and stop clothing from riding up or bunching. Make sure to look for items with adjustable features, as these can help keep them comfortable in any weather.

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4. Choose something Fun

Finally, rain gear should be fun for kids to wear. Look for items in bright colors and fun patterns that your kids can choose from. Not only will this make them excited to wear the rain gear, it will also help to keep them more visible when in wet or low light conditions.

Bright Colours and Fun Patterns

When shopping for rain gear, consider items in bright colors and fun patterns. This will not only make them more visible and help to keep them dry, but it’ll also encourage them to want to wear the gear. Make sure to look at a variety of colors and patterns so that your kids can pick something they find both manageable and fun.

Reflective Materials

To help keep your kids visible in low light conditions, look for items with reflective materials. This can help to alert drivers and keep them safe in wet conditions. Additionally, many items also come with reflective strips down the sides of the rain jackets, and this can help to keep your kids more visible in the dark.

Final Words

When choosing rain gear for kids, it is important to consider a variety of factors. From climate and environment to comfort and fun, there is a wide range of things to take into account. By taking these four tips into account, you can be sure that your kids stay dry and comfy in any weather.

People Also Ask

Q: What is the best material for rain gear?
A: The best materials for rain gear are nylon, GORE-TEX, and other waterproof fabrics.

Q: How do I make sure my rain gear is waterproof?
A: Pay attention to the quality of the seams, look for seals around the seams, and make sure the materials are waterproof and breathable.

Q: How do I make sure my kids are visible in wet weather?
A: Look for items with reflective materials and elements, and opt for items in bright colors and fun patterns.

Q: What type of rain gear is best for cold climates?
A: For colder climates, look for heavier, more waterproof raincoats.

Q: How do I choose comfortable rain gear for my kids?
A: Look for items in cushioning and breathable materials, and opt for items with adjustable features like drawstrings and waistbands.