When choosing the perfect running hydration vest, it is key to consider three main elements: comfort, storage, and hydration. Comfort is essential for achieving long distance running, as no one should be painfully sweating throughout their routine. Storage should be large enough for cell phones, snacks, and other items needed for a run. Finally, it is crucial that a vest allows for enough hydration supply to keep a runner energized and healthy during their activity. With the right knowledge of running vests, selecting the ideal one can be simple enough. The following breakdown will provide step-by-step guide to finding the perfect running hydration vest.

Types of Running Vests

When searching for the right running vest, it is helpful to understand the major categories available. Included in the list is:

Waist Belt

The biggest benefit of waist belts is the capability of shedding weight quickly. They are often made with lightweight materials in order to hold minimal item storage. Perfect for shorter distances, runners can keep essential items close and conveniently.

Hydration Backpacks

These are slightly heavier than the waist belts, as backpacks are made for longer duration runs and have ample storage space for items. Some backpacks have the capability for extra water storage in an outer pouch, allowing for fuller hydration during runs.


Vests are the blend of waist belt and backpacks. They are lightweight, typically made with breathable fabrics, and feature all the benefits of a waist belt and backpack, such as the snug fit, ample storage and hydration capabilities.

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Choosing the Right Fit

The most crucial decision in selecting a running hydration vest is choosing the right fit. Too small a size can become uncomfortable, while too large a vest can become too heavy, thus negatively impacting performance. Firstly, measure the chest, as it determines the sizing of the vest. Secondly, consider the fit and material feel. Breathable fabrics allow for peak performance, as it allows for air ventilation and sweat draining capabilities.

Price and Quality

The best quality vest does not always equate to the most pricey option. Instead, there are several quality vest options available for a variety of price points. A reliable research method would be to read customer reviews on certain vests regarding the quality and the success rate of the vest. Additionally, the type of vest preferred is dependent on personal preference and need.

Final Words

After considering the type of vest, size, fit, material, and price, a runner can feel comfortable in their purchase of a running hydration vest. Every vest is unique, so be sure to consider all options before making a purchase. With the right information and preparation, finding the perfect running hydration vest is easy and convenient.