Jogging with a baby in a stroller is a great way for both parents and infants get to enjoy some fresh air and a different kind of exercise. But, there is much more to consider when choosing a jogging stroller than just the brand and price. To choose the best jogging stroller for a parent and baby, one should understand and consider the dimensions, features, safety, and cost. This article will provide four tips for selecting the best jogging stroller and address some common questions.

1. Understand the Dimensions

Before selecting a jogging stroller, it is crucial to be aware of the dimensions and size of the stroller before purchasing it. Measure the door frames and elevators of your house or apartment to make sure it will fit through any obstacles. It is also essential to measure the size of the trunk, or any storage area, of your family car to ensure the jogging stroller will fit. Additionally, consider how big or bulky the stroller is when it’s folded, as this will play a role for carrying and storing it.

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• Measure all doorways, hallways, elevators and car trunk

• Consider portability when folded

2. Consider the Features

In addition to having the correct dimensions for the jogging stroller, it is also important to consider the features of the stroller and how they will impact the users. What type of suspension does the stroller have? How easily is the stroller steered? Is the stroller multi-terrain or only flat surfaces? Is the handle adjustable or similar? Is there enough storage space? All of these questions should be considered before purchasing a jogging stroller.

• Type of suspension

• Steering capability

• Multi-terrain or flat surfaces

• Adjustable handle

• Amount of storage space

3. Consider Safety Features

Everyone wants to ensure that their little one is safe during a jogging trip. Before making a purchase, be sure to evaluate the safety features that your stroller has to offer. Look for a jogging stroller with a five-point harness, buckled foot plate, and good brakes. Additionally, finding a stroller that meets national safety standards is an important factor to consider. Most brands will have an age range for the stroller as well; always be sure that the baby falls into the correct age range for the stroller you are considering.

• Five-point harness

• Buckled foot plate

• Good brakes

• Meets national safety standards

• Appropriate age range

4. Consider the Cost

Obviously, it is important to consider the price of the jogging stroller. Jogging strollers can cost anywhere from around $500 to over $1,000 and parents should consider their budget when making the decision. Also, consider the price of any additional features that may be wanted, such as a bassinet conversion, cup holder, extra cargo bags, etc. All these extra items can add up the price very quickly. Lastly, some brands, such as Bob, offer ongoing customer service and yearly maintenance packages which should also be taken into consideration when budgeting.

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• Budget

• Additional features and accessories

• Customer service and maintenance packages

People Also Ask

Q: What kind of tires are best for jogging strollers?

Most jogging strollers have large air-filled tires, which provide better stability and maneuverability. Some even allow for tire conversion and use foam-filled tires for easier maneuverability.

Q: What kind of handlebar should the jogging stroller have?

The handlebar should have an adjustable angle for easier steering and pushing. It should also be ergonomic and comfortable to use.

Q: Is a two or three-wheel jogging stroller better?

It depends on the terrain and other preferences. Three-wheel jogging strollers are best for flat surfaces, while two-wheel strollers are better off-road.

Q: What type of braking system should be used in a jogging stroller?

For the safest performance, look for a stroller with a linked pedal-style handbrake that applies pressure to both rear wheels.

Q: Can jogging strollers be used on rough terrain?

Yes, there is a type of jogging stroller designed for off-road running. However, it is best to avoid very rugged trails and sticks, which could be damaged by the stroller.


Choosing a jogging stroller for a parent and baby takes careful research and consideration. Parents should take the time to understand the dimensions, features, safety, and cost of the stroller before buying. Keep in mind that a stroller should fit through doorways, hallways, and elevators in your house, as well as the trunk of your car if needed. Also, look for strollers with good suspension, an adjustable handle, plenty of storage space, and 5-point safety harness. Lastly, consider the cost of the stroller with any additional features before making the purchase. By researching and following these tips, parents can pick the best jogging stroller for them and their baby.