Are you ready for the ultimate family adventure? Bike touring with kids is an excellent way to explore the world, create lasting memories and bring the family together. It is also a physically and mentally challenging experience, so it’s important to carefully plan and consider the needs of you and your children. To help get you started, here are 6 tips to help make your kid-friendly bike tour a success:

1. Consider Everyone’s Fitness Level

Before you even think about loading bikes onto a car or heading out on your bike tour with children in tow, it’s important to consider everyone’s fitness level. Start by taking small rides, gradually increasing the distance and difficulty of the tour. This will ensure that everyone is comfortable and prepared for the challenges that bike touring with children may bring.

Safety First

No matter what, you should always prioritize safety. If a child is riding with you, make sure they have the proper safety gear, including a helmet and any other required biking accessories. Teaching kids the rules of the road is also essential, as well as setting a good example by following the rules yourself.

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Involve Kids In the Planning

Planning a successful bike tour with children requires cooperation and understanding. To ensure everyone is on board for the adventure, involve kids in the planning process. Ask their opinions about the route, activities and accommodations. This will provide them with a sense of ownership over the trip and make it more enjoyable for everyone.

2. Pack Lightly

Children are naturally curious and having a bike touring adventure with them can be a bit overwhelming if you bring too much. Avoid carrying bulky items or items with multiple pieces that can be easily lost. Instead, pack only essentials and make sure the load is consolidated and secure.

Choose Comfortable Clothes

For bike touring with kids, comfort and function are the priority when it comes to clothing. Choose clothes that can be layered in case of changes in the weather, and that are not too tight or restrictive. Make sure everyone has an extra pair of shorts and/or t-shirts for those unexpected spills.

Stick to Practical Foods

When choosing snacks for your bike tour, make sure you’re selecting practical and healthy items that won’t create a huge mess. Kale chips, granola bars and trail mix are some examples of easy snacks that won’t leave a mess on your bike.

3. Schedule Plenty of Rest

It’s important to remember that children don’t have the same endurance level as adults and may tire quickly. To ensure everyone is enjoying the journey and not feeling overwhelmed, schedule additional time for rest and breaks throughout the day. This will give kids a chance to take a quick nap, have a snack and explore their surroundings.

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Stop for Sights

One way to break up the bike ride and give kids an incentive to stay on their bikes is to plan your route so that you’ll be able to stop and explore sights along the way. Spotting wildlife and stopping to grab a snack can be a fun way to keep the ride engaging.

Find Accommodation Along the Route

In order to ensure everyone is well-rested, find accommodation along the route rather than just heading straight to your final destination. This will give everyone a chance to stop, relax and reset. Consider camping or renting a cabin or cottage.

People Also Ask

How long should children bike for?

Children should bike for a maximum of 10-15 minutes for every mile of their journey, depending on the child’s age and biking experience.

How do I keep my children entertained while biking?

Play games, bring books and toys, and create stops along the way to explore. Involve the kids in the planning process to keep them interested in the tour.

What should I bring for bike touring with kids?

The essentials include necessary safety gear and comfortable clothing, water, basic supplies, snacks and a first-aid kit.

Which routes are best for bike touring with children?

Choose less populous roads with low to medium traffic and good roads or paved paths, with minimal hills and turns.


Bike touring with children is an exciting and unique way to explore the world and create lasting memories. With some careful planning and consideration for all the details, you can make your bike tour a safe, fun and memorable experience for the whole family.