Getting away from it all? Celebrate Thanksgiving with a delicious and convenient backpacking meal: Thanksgiving in a Collapsible Bowl! This easy-to-make meal brings all the flavors of Thanksgiving to friends and family for a memorable meal in the outdoors. Make with all the traditional favorites, this Thanksgiving feast is complete with stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and more. Here’s how to make it!


Main Course

The main course for this backpacking meal is the traditional Thanksgiving staples including:

-Turkey: cooked or canned
-Stuffing: dry mix, cooked
-Sweet potatoes: cooked
-Cranberry sauce: canned or prepared
-Gravy: canned or prepared
-Green beans: cooked or prepared
-Rolls: pre-made or baked


For extra flavor and texture, consider adding these items:

-Mashed potatoes
-Nuts and seeds
-Honey or syrup
-Jam or jelly
-Butter or margarine

Assembly & Cooking

Preparing & Packing the Meal

The key to packing a Thanksgiving meal into a collapsible bowl is to be prepared and organized. Start by gathering all the ingredients and dividing them into individual portions. When packing, layer the ingredients in the order they need to be cooked. Start with the wet ingredients and layer the dry ingredients on top. Be sure to add extra seasonings and condiments to the top of the bowl as desired.

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Cooking the Meal

When it’s time to cook, simply turn the bowl over and fold out the sides of the bowl. Next, open the lid of the bowl and add the desired liquid (water, broth, or butter). Place the entire bowl over a campfire or portable stove and allow all the ingredients to warm up and cook together. Serve the meal with mashed potatoes, crackers, and nuts for an extra burst of flavor and texture.

People Also Ask

Can I make Thanksgiving in a collapsible bowl for multiple people?

Yes, this recipe can easily be scaled to serve multiple people. Simply adjust the ingredients to your desired servings and adjust cooking time accordingly.

Are there substitutions I can make for the turkey?

Yes. If desired, the turkey can be substituted with tofu, tempeh, vegetable broth, or your favorite plant-based protein.

Is it safe to cook with a collapsible bowl?

Yes, as long as the bowl is designed for cooking and is following the correct instructions. Be sure to monitor the heat of the fire and use caution when cooking with a collapsible bowl.

How many servings does the recipe make?

The recipe depends on the size of your collapsible bowl and the ingredients added. Generally, the recipe makes 4-6 servings.

How do I store leftovers?

If you have any leftovers, cool them completely and store in an airtight container or zip-loc bag until ready for consumption.

Final Words

Enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving feast anytime and anywhere! This backpacking meal: Thanksgiving in a Collapsible Bowl Recipe is an easy and convenient way to make a classic meal while in the outdoors. With just a few simple ingredients, you can have a holiday-inspired meal that is sure to impress. So go ahead, break out the collapsible bowl and whip up a memorable Thanksgiving meal in the great outdoors!